1st July 2010

The British Isles Championships are being held this week at Worthing and Gourock Park has a reporter on site. Ian Brown, one of the infamous Gourock Park Four, is there and has sent me this quick update.

Scotland have reached tomorrow's Finals in Junior Singles, Singles and Fours. The Pairs lost in their Semi-Final and the Triples lost in the first round. Bruno also mentioned that on board the same flight down to Gatwick, were Jim Watt and Daly Thomson!. I wonder if they knew there was a celebrity on board?

2nd July 2010.

Several Clubs were awarded some much needed cash in the latest hand out of grants by Inverclyde Council.
Read the report here

Commiserations to Colin Reddy, who was part of Barrhead BC's Fours in last nights District 22 SBA Finals. Colins team lost by just one shot 13 v 14 to Caledonia..

5pm Update 2nd July 2010
Scotland's Alistair Reid has won the British Isles Singles this afternoon. Our Junior Singles lost in the final to England.


Murray Thomson, Brian Jolly, Stewart Anderson, James Gribben of Glaisnock Valley BC
British Isles Fours Champions 2010

British Isles Singles Champions 2010
Alistair Reid

Brian Hughes, Gary Kelly - Ballymoney BC
British Isles Pairs Champions 2010

Neil Taylor, Jeff Simons, Ross Tomlinson - Glyncorrwg BC
British Isles Triples Champions 2010

All the players from Scotland competing at the British Isles 2010 Championships at Worthing.

Thanks to Gourock Park's Ian Brown for sending in the pictures direct from the event

4th July 2010

Scotland will win the International Series at  Worthing today, IF they can beat the  Auld Enemy, England by just one shot in today's final game. You can follow the game on the British Isles website or check back here later for the result.

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Update 12.48!  Scotland have beaten England to win the British Isles Championship 2010.
Port Glasgow's Sandy Wotherspoon at Worthing
British Isles Champions 2010
14th July 2010

Congratulations to Sandy Reddy and George Felgate on winning the Fort Matilda Open Pairs. Congrats also to the RBA West team have won through to the Semi-Final of the Hamilton Trophy and play Lanarkshire South ( former winners - 2008 ) on Sunday 18th July  at Perth West End BC.

Couple of pictures from John Freeburn, that show RBA, President, Gerry McAllister, Port Glasgow President, George Brydon and Port Glasgow members, Willie Killens and John Burns, who were presented with their 100th RBA Caps at a recent County game.  John Freeburn's RBA Finals report will be added to the site asap.

18th July 2010
The Renfrewshire West Team lost narrowly by 120 to 118 against Lanarkshire South in the Semi-Final of the Hamilton Trophy.  The Lanarkshire Team now face Mid Lothian on Bainfield next Sunday.

Gourock Park's Terry Duffy, Alex Cunningham & John Kane won the Wellington Triples yesterday.

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29th July
Looks like only Bogleha's Triples remain after the first two day of the National Finals at Ayr. They now play  Auchinleck on Friday morning. I wish them well and hope they do well.  In the Ladies Finals all the teams are out. 

Due to my recent bout of Flu, I was unable to cover several events over the weekend. If anyone has any pictures for these and any other bowling event? Then send it in for publication on this site!  OR use the 'Clubscene' , which allows anyone to write their own news, results etc direct to the site.