July 1st 2009
July is here and so far our Bowling weather has been pretty good. Lets hope that it continues into the 2nd half of the Season.

Congratulations to Stacy Lungley & Terry Duffy on winning their Semi-Final in the G&D Mixed Pairs. They won it last year and no doubt will be keen to retain the title, whoever they may play.

Have some more news on last Sunday's RBA Finals.  Grosvenor's Alan Walker lost 17 v 21 to George Hay from Shawlands BC, who also won the  title in 2002. Thanks to Kevin Taylor of Clarkston for providing this info.  My other info on the finals comes from info on the Julian Haynes Bowling Forum and is as follows

In the Pairs, an all Glasgow Final saw Fairfield beat Clarkston,

Triples: Clarkston won home

Fours: Polloshaws lost in the last end to Charleston

League updates!
I am unable to provide the latest League tables as I do not have all the results. As soon as I get an official update it will be placed on site.

The G&D Young Bowlers Competion will take place at Gourock Park on Sunday 26th July at 10 am

Did you know.................?
A few changes I noticed to the dress code in games under SBA Rules that I was not aware of until recently!

The compulsory dress for all competitions in the first stage up to and including the District Finals is as follows:— Grey Trousers / Black Trousers, Collared White/Coloured Shirt, White Cardigan or
Pullover and Blazer (if any). Club Colours must be registered with the SBA prior to the start.


The compulsory dress for all Competitions in the Second (Final) Stages is as follows: White Trousers, White Belt (if worn), Collared White/Coloured Shirt, White Cardigan or Pullover, White. Colours must be registered with the SBA.
Headgear (if worn) also Blazer (if any), White Waterproofs. No deviation from White shall be allowed except in the case of a club who has already registered its colours with the approval of the governing body.


Officials and Players must wear Brown, White, Grey or Black bowling shoes on the Green.

Well done to those at the SBA who have made the decision to allow black rather than Grey trousers. Times are changing slowly, but its progress in my book!

2nd July 2009
Reid Cup

The Reid Cup was won by Gourock BC with a winning margin of  46 shots. Runners-up were
Wellington Park with 28 shots. Fort Matilda were next with 19 shots. The Highest up rink was 28 up and it was skipped by Stephen McLellan of Wellington Park with Tony McAulay, John Fleming snr & Mark McLees.
News from Wellington Park

The Championship is now down to the Quarter Final stages, which will be played on Sunday 12th July @ 2pm - all 4 games!

Gavin Miller V Joe Miller
Mark McLees V Mick McCauley
Stephen McLellan V Dougie Inglis
John Fleming snr V Chris Nixon

Works are to start soon on-site for the new facility which has been confirmed by the council and contractors.

3rd July 2009
Gourock Park's Stacy Lungley & Terry Duffy retained the G&D Mixed Pairs tonight after a hard fought victory over Ellen & Mick McColgan. The score finished 21 v 19 after 17 ends. In the 3rd/4th Play off, John & Carol McMonagle saw off the challenge of Jean & Jim Crawford in the all Gourock Park clash.

I would like to say thanks to the Directors of the Greenock & District for their kind donation for the services I have provided over the last 9 years. Its much appreciated, so thanks very much!
4th July 2009
John Freeburn submitted the photo below which shows a cup game taking place at his Brother in Law's Club in
Australia. Notice the colours on show!  (Click on image for larger picture)

26th July 2009
The Ardgowan Hospice Trophy was played for on Thursday night at Ardgowan Bowling Club and the winners on the night were a Rink from Wellington Park (Joe Munn, Alex Ward, John Fleming and Mick McAuley), who finished 15 shots up

Alex Ward, Mick McAuley, Joe Munn & John Fleming

27th July 2009
The Final of the Gourock Park Ladies Championship is due to be played on Friday 31st with a 2pm Start. It involves Stacy Lungley who won it last year versus Nancy Hawthorn. This promises to be a great encounter and one which I hope to cover and place a report shortly after.

Good luck to all our District Players involved in this week's SBA Finals at Ayr, especially for those from Gourock Park.