Clydesdale Bank SPL Predictor : You are a foot short

Clydesdale Bank SPL Predictor

by GB on 08/10/10

Currently going through the last five years worth of statistics on the website in order to make up the 2010 rankings list. Its very time consuming, so I thought Id take a break and check out if the BBC were doing their predict the SPL scores thingy, which myself and a few others have tried over last few years. 

I did not find any confirmation that it was being done again, so instead I have joined the Clydesdale Bank's Predictor, which has the added bonus of REAL prizes.  So if you fancy your chances, sign up for free and then join the mini-league called Gourock Park.

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1. Gary said on 8/10/10 - 10:11PM
Since writing this I have noticed that to get into a mini league requires an email invitation to be sent from me!! So if you want in, drop me a line

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