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Ladies Championship 2009
Stacy Lungley won her second consecutive Gourock Park Ladies Singles
Championship with a convincing win over Nancy Hawthorn by 21 v 13 on Friday 31st July.  I did not witness the game so the following report is compiled using the score card only.

The first end saw Stacy grab a double and then Nancy recorded two singles to make things all square at the third end. Over the next two ends Stacy showed her determination to retain the title, with a treble at the fourth and then a full house of four shots at the next.

Herself a former Champion, Nancy fought back well with a single, treble and a double to narrow the gap to 9 v 8 to Stacy after eight ends. The ninth end belonged to Stacy and she increased her lead to 12 v 8.  Nancy scored two at the next to keep within touching distance of her young opponent, the score now being 12 v 10 to Stacy.

Over the next three ends, Stacy powered ahead with a double and two trebles to leave her needing just one more shot at 20 v 10.

A brief glimpse of a comeback by Nancy was evident, when she scored a treble in the 14th end, but any hopes she had soon disappeared when Stacy nailed the final shot required to claim the 2009 title.
Gourock Park Singles Champion 2009
Stacy Lungley(Left) with Runner-up Nancy Hawthorn.